“Those who are forward-looking enough to see changed market conditions as an opportunity, and who then make use of them with a pioneering spirit and sense of purpose for the service of mankind, will always be successful.”

Henry Ford


R E C O G N I S I N G  C U R R E N T  T R E N D S

Trend and behaviour scientists have predicted that in future people will demonstrate an increased need to have fun and experience pleasure in life with greater awareness – worldwide and irrespective of age, gender, nationality and religion. Life’s special moments are no longer rare occurrences and call for intensive enjoyment to the full, experienced with all the senses. Here, too, the development of a sustained health-consciousness in favour of pleasure without alcohol can be observed, increasing in line with educational standards and income.


Uniting  pleasure  and  healthy  living  harmoniously within a single product can be compared to painting a masterpiece. Our prime goal has been achieved when finest natural ingredients are brought together in a unique combination  to  create  a  taste  experience which  promotes  an  appreciation  of  the finer things of life and gourmet pleasures. The  search  for  healthy  enjoyment  which can be enjoyed and experienced at any  time  will  lead  you  to  the  sparkling pearls in our exceptional range of products – to FELLINGER ROYAL®.

And so I wish you a pleasurable experience with our “Pearls of Joy”!




Founder & CEO Josef Fellinger